How to have your trip made into a film.

If you would like a film produced of your expedition by White Box Magazine, to truly do it justice we really need to know before your trip even departs.

I will need time to prepare cameras, batteries, lenses and waterproof housings for the expedition.

Throughout the trip i will be filming along the way. You my be asked to assist in the operation of cameras whenever I am unavailable due to the demands of the river.

Once the trip is over please leave around 14 days for me to compile all the footage together and complete the edit of your film.

It will be made available on the internet on both our website and Vimeo so you can share it through your favourite social media. Eg, Facebook.

“Your Call” Pricing - How it works.

When your film is first made available online, you will be asked to enter a password to view the finished product. It is now %100 up to you to decided on how much you want to pay. Some film are better than others, and for that reasons i don’t believe in set pricing

However a $200 per trip minimum applies.

Sometimes things just conspire against us!

It may be the weather, flat batteries, river conditions or camera malfunctions. Either way - If by the end of the trip an insufficient amount of footage has been collected, then there is no cost what-so-ever.

This is simply a fall back so as i don’t jeopardise me equipment and time on a busy expedition for no reason.

The final cost may be split between all members of the trip.

Talk about it, and try to get everyone else on board to make it cheaper!

Franklin river 10 day expedition

Tasmania, Australia

Grand Canyon 20 day expedition

Colorado river, USA

Sol Mountain lodge powder skiing

Monashee mountains, BC, Canada