WHITE BOX is always looking for quality new footage from anywhere on the globe, as long as it has paddlers in it and you have their permission to use it, we would love to see it. However in the interest of keeping WHITE BOX Magazine at the highest possible quality. we need to make sure that some basic requirements are met.

There are 2 basic ways to contribute to WHITE BOX:

The 1st and easiest is to send us the link to a video you have made on the internet. Because WHITE BOX is a commercial company, even though its free, anything produced by WHITE BOX must have full rights to the music, footage and a release from the paddlers in them. However WHITE BOX is happy to link up your home made video’s on the news feed for the world to see.

The 2nd way may require a little more time and expertise, however if you want your footage to make it onto the annual DVD, There are some basic requirements.

All footage must be in either .AVI or .MOV

All footage must be captured and exported in 16:9 1280:720 (6) or better.

*H.264 Preferred*


All footage must not have any text or subtitles

(These will be added at a later date by WHITE-BOX so as to match that of the entire DVD text formatting - Please however provide us with enough details of what, when and where you want text. Inc time codes)

A full list of credits including music rights if you have included music already

WHITE BOX is more than happy to receive RAW footage contributions!

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Contribution Requirements