Gaula River - NORWAY

Stikine Canyon - CANADA

Onot River Expedition- RUSSIA

Adrian Kiernan

Film Producer

Professional Kayaker

Expedition Leader

Raft Guide

Whitewater Instructor

Years Paddling: Since 2003

Countries Traveled: Russia, Kyrgyzstan, India, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, New Zealand, Canada, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, USA, UK,  Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, France, Norway, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Australia


Australian National Champion 2009 & 2011

Australian Team Captain 2007 “Bus Eater” World Championships

Winner Clearwater River Festival 2008 & 2009

3rd Nile River Festival Big Air 2007

Advanced Freestyle Coach

Freestyle Moves: PanAm, Airscrew, Pistol Flip, Helix, Front and Back Loop, Bread and Butter, Tricky Woo, and Blunt - McNasty Combo

Extreme Racing:

Whitewater Grand Prix - Chile (READ BLOG HERE)

    3rd place Futa Big water, Boater X

    11th Overall Finish

Winner Clearwater BoaterX 2008-2009

2nd Australian Boater X Nationals

2nd Nile River Festival - Extreme Endurance Race

2nd Lea River Extreme 2006 and 2010


Male Paddler of the Year - CUMEC Magazine

Pyranha Kayaks International Elite Team Paddler

1st Place Australian / New Zealand Film of the Year “Paddle Porn”

Category Winner - Revelstoke Mountain film festival

First Solo and 2nd ever complete decent of the Clearwater River - 80km Class 5

Class 5 International Expeditions Leader

Highest Water Fall 73ft

First Descents in Australia, Canada, Norway and New Zealand

Finalist “Reel Paddling Film Festival”

Safe Navigation of the Stikine x 6, Homathko and North Stein Class 5 whitewater expeditions

Film Productions:

Producer of Epic TV Series - Every River, Everywhere.

Principal Editor of White Box Magazine

White Box Vimeo Channel (10.1K loads weekly)

Principal producer of Skippy Films

Promotional media produced for:  TEVA - WATCH

                                                      Fluid Kayaks - WATCH

                                                      Freycinet Adventure - WATCH

                                                      Water By Nature Expeditions - WATCH

                                                      Scotch Oakburn - WATCH

                                                      Chilliwack River Rafting - WATCH

“JAUNT” Extreme Sports DVD 43mins - WATCH TRAILER

“Downunder The Horizoneline” DVD 50mins (Heliconia Press) -WATCH TRAILER

Regular online media contributions: - Web Channel (10.1K loads weekly) - International Kayaking Magazine - AUS / NZ Kayaking Magazine - Sponsors Page - Sponsors Page - Personal Blog - AUS National Body for Canoe and Kayak - Australia and New Zealand outdoor adventure guide

Athlete Bio published:  - International Elite Team - Profile  - Regional Team - Published Interview

Advertising - Image used for advertisement CUMEC issues #6 to #11. - Image used online and in CUMEC Magazine. - Front Cover feature and DVD giveaway of 

“Downunder The Horizonline” from TEVA Australia

Featured in - 10 Episode web video series - Regular Web Episodes (10.1K loads weekly) - Magazine Issues #6, #7, #8, 9# and #11 + cover shot - Regular Contributor - National Broadcaster  - Interview - Cateract Extreme Race  - Stohlquist Importer - News Page -National Broadcaster - Interview - Cateract Extreme Race - National News Interview - Cateract Extreme Race  - “Downunder The Horizonline” Kayaking DVD

                                                               “JAUNT” Extreme Sports Kayaking DVD

Sponsored By - International Elite Ambassador - Athlete - Trade Show Ambassador - Athlete - Watershed Drybags Ambassador - Exposure Athlete

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Rauma - upper and lower - update 1



Usteani 60+fter - Update 2


Rjuande tunnel


Tatlow Creek - BC Paradise video -

Homathko Expd -

North Stein Expd -

Stikine Expd x3 -

Clendenning Expd

Grand Canyon of the Clore Expd

CAN + USA Spring waterfall hunt -


Toxaway - box

Fantasy Falls expd.

Upper Cherry expd

Upper NF San Joaquine -

West Cherry

South Silver

Robe Canyon

Little White

AUSTRALIA  - - waterfalls of AUS

North Johnson Expd -

Herbert river Expd -

Franklin River Expd -

Behanna Creek -

Leven Canyon -

Lea River -



Whitcomb Expd


Hokitika Expd



White Water Grand Prix -Only-


Hinterhein - Rofflex canyon




Sickline section



White Nile River

Contact Details:

Adrian Kiernan

+1 2506747562 or  Email Me